While reminiscing as they prepared to close their office the two doctors looked back on the many crisis and emergencies they had taken in stride and found that some very funny things had also served to break up the daily routine of seeing patients. 

Dr. Scherger, who is known for his blustery style and outgoing personality, told about a patient of his that he had been treating for arthritis. He said, "Oh, you'll be be up and walking around in a week". But she did not believe him, so he said. "All right, if your walking around in a week, then your going to have to bring me that fat goose in your back yard and I'll have it for dinner. And if you aren't up within a week. then I won't charge you for the treatment".

A week later the woman patient came with the goose under her arm and she was walking spryly around. She left it in the office over night and the next morning the nurses found that that the goose wouldn't let them in so they had to call the woman to come down and call the goose off. She rescued the girls. P.S. Dr. Scherger said "That old goose was so tough even the soup wasn't any good".